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About us

iTypeFastR is an 'invention' of me, Stefan Verkerk, and i am getting help from Jonas Nouwen and Sandor Bakalis. So the design is done by iTypeFastR, a trade name of Interface Is King b.v. The software is built by iAccess

You can find me on or on
iTypeFastR is a personal actvity of me, under my company Interface Is King, not in any way associated with my employer.

Credits go to Maarten aka @DutchCowboy who was the first beta tester, and @Michielb. Michiel ran a query on all the tweets measured in twitstat. Based on that query, I have determined what letters and characters are most used. Based on that I have made the layout of the numeric keyboard, that makes you type with less typos, faster, or both if you're talented ;-).